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    How to fix the value of a filter on a table while using global filters in QlikView?

      Hy, guys.


      I need a big help.


      I created three pivot tables in the same tab, one for the current month (June), another for the month - 1 (May) and the last M - 2 (April).


      For each table, need a unique date filter in which, for tohe month Current Table, the filter is from 01/06 to today, for the month - 1 is from  01/05 to 31/05...


      Ultil then everything ok.


      The problem occurs when I need to apply global filtersto all these tables, that is, when I select the filter client, it should be applied in three tables and, when I aplly rhe filter of the month, it be applied only in the table related to it.


      Has anyone done this before?


      Thank you very much.




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