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    Qlik Sense / Stylish LIne Chart

    Teppo Ojala



      Just asking if anybody has built an extension on top of (for example) Google Chart's Line Chart visualization. I have an urgent customer case where native Line chart is not stylish enough. Unfortunately I lack of web development skills, so I can't copy the script from Google Developers Forum ( Line Chart   |   Charts   |   Google Developers )


      The ideal thing would be include an extension on top of this code, with possibility to change these settings from object property panel

      - color of the line

      - thickness of the line

      - style of the line (solid / dashed / etc)

      - symbol size / color / style


      In my case I need this object to several use cases. Couple of those has only one expression, others have multiple expressions (=multiple lines)


      Let's hope somebody has a draft fro this already didn't found any good ones from branch yet..