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    qlik view server process is taking high memory

      We are using qlik view 9 server for our product. There are 8 reports and reloading the reports happen once in a day. We have dedicated windows server machine for qlik view reports, which has 8GB of RAM. Few days back qlik view server process QlickviewDistributionService.exe is taking high memory and 98% of RAM is utilized while reloading the reports. We noticed that, there is no data increase in the database and it is normal.

      There are five users allocated for these 8 reports in qlik view server.  We noticed the working set and Low is 70 ,High is 90 and cache is 10.

      We observed that, size of the report files are not more than 43 MB.

      Is there any way to restrict this high memory usage in server machine while reloading qlik view reports?