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    color chage  require according to given expressions

    Anil kumar

      Dear All,


      i'm giving this expression for change the chart line value , i want  ">=" values in blue and "<" values in red . then what expression should be correct.  now i'm using this expression-=if( 'Net  Amount'<0,red(),blue())



      2nd-  i  have  two expression  in chart  1st- for "receievd amount" and 2nd is  " future collection"   and i want to show  "receievd amount" in normal line and " future collection" in breck line but breck line  and its not happning.  i can  take only symble and can remove line in  expession tab but brecking line is not coming full its showig only dots(.)  in given  time series

      plz reply if any one can help for the same