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    Use Set Analysis with DATE<=selected date

      Dear All,

      I'm trying to escape from following situation: i need to obtain a Straight Table with one dimension=CODE, second dimension= maxDATE1 for each code calculated not to absolute max(DATA1) value but with constraints max(DATE1)<=DATE2.

      I use this function: Aggr(Max({$<DATE1={"<=$(T1)"}>) VALUE)

      My expected result is ==> A 25/10/2009 z 26/10/2009

      I would group on VALUE for each different CODE selecting NOT max(DATE1) but max(DATE1)<=DATE2, i'm not able to write down this expression.

      Here an example;

      CODE - DATE1 - VALUE - DATE2

      A 22/10/2009 x 26/10/2009

      A 23/10/2009 x 26/10/2009

      A 25/10/2009 z 26/10/2009

      A 28/10/2009 z 26/10/2009

      B ......

      C ......

      Many thanks