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    same Static Max (y-axis scale) for 2 bar charts based on max value inside both graphs

    Ronny Wroblewski

      Dear Community,


      I try to achieve that two bar charts using same scale(y-axis) based on the max value inside both charts.


      Both graphs have same two expressions like:




      First expression is default and

      Second expression can be activated by an additional menu.

      e.g. First bar show Income and Second bar show Expenditure(optional)


      Only difference is that second graph is in alternate state B to set different period.

      What I try to achieve with Static Max is that both graphs have same scale based on the max value of the available bars inside the two graphs.

      Until now I couldn't find a way to achieve it.

      If someone has a good advise please share.



      PS: I will try to upload a sample file later when I have a little bit more time.