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    Trying to find the lowest value per Dimension, possibly aggr()?

    Darrin Pilkington


      I have a chart and I need to identify the lower Incentive value for each %ADAcctKey.


      The Incentive value is a calculated value.  In the example below 445 would flag 10% and for 2544 the lowest flagged would be 0%.


      445QA87.50% Target80% >=10%
      445Adherence 88.04% Target88% >=10%
      2544Save Rate 26.09%Stretch22% >=20%
      2544QA81.68% Target80% >=15%
      2544Adherence 74.34% Below85% <0%
      2544Revenue $335.40 Below$750 <0%



      Thank you for you help.