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    Single Sign On - Via Public Website


      QV 11


      We have a public website with registered users (that web admin authorities as valid) - website is php on a linux server.


      I would like to add a link to the logged in user to the Qlikview server without them having to log in a second time.


      The website is a linux web server running php.


      I have a field that ID's the user on the website user profile to the same username on the Qlikview application/server.


      I understand I have to use web ticketing and I've read through the documentation but I'm stuck on implementation as everything seems to be for windows environment websites.


      Does anyone have a sample php file ( the Qlikview server setup seems straightforward) for sending the ticket ?


      Thanks in advance.


      I have looked at a basic php sample but its for an older version of QV and I cant get it to run regardless as it keeps 500 server error.


      Thanks in advance.