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    direct discovery

    Pradeep Kumar Pandey

      I have a dimension BUYER_K, and measure Totalkgs_DD in direct discovery and it is joined with the in memory key BUYER_K. While calculating the BUYER_K wise Totalkgs_DD, it is showing correct value but while calculating value SALE_NO_DD wise, it is showing wrong value. What might be the problem. My direct discovery script and data model screen shots are as follows.






        Broker As Broker_DD,

        Centre As Centre_DD,

        "Sale No" As SALE_NO_DD,

        Buyer As BUYER_K,

        Season As SEASON_DD


        Totalkgs As Totalkgs_DD,

        Totalkgs*AuctionPrice As VALUE_DD

      from eAUCTION.dbo."OTB_12_13";


      Please help, this is very urgent.