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    How do I access my graphics by other computers on my network?

    Filipe Mattos Kuhn

      Hello everyone!

      I have a question and would like to know if they can help me.



      So, I have a server with database, and from it extract the information with several specific views for each sector, for example:

      Information that is related to accounting, I created graphs for this purpose.

      Information that is related to management services, I created graphics for this purpose.

      What happens is that I need to get users to access only the graphics that they belong, as in the examples I quoted the above, and need to have access from outside the company. Today I have the Qlik Sense Desktop.

      I've been reading a lot about how to do this, and found some data, using Mashup examples, Workbench, but I can not in any way Qlik access my files without my own computer. The question is: How to make the graphics to be accessed from computers on my network, without my own computer?



      I read the .html and .js files, but do not understand what to fill so that they pose be accessed by other machines in my network.



      Sorry for the long text, but needed for maximum detail to see if you can help me.



      Thanks in advance!