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    Select a value from loaded table



      I have a table with few fields which is in excel and it is loaded to Qlikview the table looks like this


      Portfolio, Plan, PlanID

      Mob, Mob1, M1

      Mob, Mob2, M2

      Fix, Fix1, F1

      Fix, Fix2, F2

      Bun, Bun1, B1

      Bun, Bun2, B2


      Something like this. I need to create a variable which has the count of no of Mob plans alone. Meaning i need a variable vMobCount which gives me the count as 2 that is two rows which have Portfolio as Mob.


      How do I achieve this I tried If statement but there is no selection made anywhere this data is just at the backend and it is used to calculate some values which will be displayed.


      Please help me with this. I am pretty new to Qlikview and not sure how to proceed.