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    Separating Data in Line Charts

      I created a line chart that tracks the average of two different percentages across a number of weeks. In the Excel sheet I drew the data from, the percentage averages are drawn from a number of different regions. I want to create multiple line charts, one for each region, so that that the percentages for each of the different regions can all be viewed simultaneously without gumming up a single line chart. When looking at all the regions together I have two different measures which are Avg([Percentage 1]) and Avg([Percentage 2]). When I try to alter one of those to Avg([Percentage 1]) IF Region = Canada it alters that line but the other line gets dropped and if I try to also change the second measure into Avg([Percentage 2]) IF Region = Canada both lines disappear. What can I do to restrict my data to only Canada (or the other countries)?