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    Install QlikView, Qlik Sense and NPrinting

    Camillo Rospigliosi

      I'm starting a new project.


      1. I will create some official dashboards with Qlikview
      2. Those dashboard needs to be exported in Microsoft Power Point
      3. Users must have the possibility to create their own reports, save them and print them, and download data on excel


      Reading the documentation, I think that I will need:

      1. For the first point: Qlikview
      2. For the second point: NPrinting
      3. For the third point: Qlik Sense 2.0(server version)


      My question is: what do I need to do all this and how will be the architecture?

      How many server do I need?

      Can the qlikview dashboards, be published on the Qlik Sense server?

      Can NPrinting Server, be installed with Qli Sense server, or do I need to install also QlikView Server?

      My idea of architecutre:


        • Re: Install QlikView, Qlik Sense and NPrinting
          Alexander Korsikov

          for this prodject you need two server's: Qlikview + nPrinting and Qlik Sense server

          You can't publish QlikView dashboards in Qlik Sense. Olny export load script, but bashboards needed re created new

          Qlik Sense server has self printing service. Of corse you can install Qlik Sense server nPrinting server and designer on same host, it does not make sense. Nprinting work's only with QlikView.

          As an option, this equipment QS Server  and nPrint S(D) + QlikView desktop

          If you have any questions, ask