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    SVG Map Reader - How to deal with drill down ?



      I'm using this great extension from

      Does someone know a documentation or some descriptions about how to setup drill down in map ??

      I mean, a World map displayed at startup. When I clic on a country, the matching country map is then displayed. Then the map of the matching province when a province is selected ... etc ??

      In other words, how to change the map regarding selection ?


      I found the idea to use the "Load SVG Path" parameter with a function like :

      =if([country]='US', 'us.svg',if([country]='FR','france_departments.svg','world.svg'))


      But in this case, I have to managed all countries ... that's not brilliant !!

      And how to change the "Region Id" field then ?? Because, the region ID are different field regaring if it's a country, a province or a town/zipcode. Maybe I could create only one mixing any type of information ?


      The next step for me is to try with some macros and variables. The idea is to create an event in case of selection and to associate this event with a macro that will change the value of 2 variables, one for the map and one for the IdREgion, regarding the selection.


      I think it would be more rigourous to use data Groups, with a hierarchy group like it's commonly done in this kind of presentation of data.

      Maybe I'm wrong.


      Many thanks for your help and many thanks to Brian for this great extension !

      For information, I'm using Free QlikView Desktop and I can't read any qvw from someone else than me. All the examples from the documentation are empty when I accept to change Id to open them.



      Edit : ...few typing errors !!