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    How to build a summary table?

      My target is to build something similar to a statistic box, but

      - with indicators based on several field

      - with different set of selection


      My table would have 2 columns [Statistic label] and [Statistic value]

      For example:

      Number of incidents for current month | Value

      Number of incidents for previous month | Value

      %Increase (m/m-1) | Value

      Number of incident YTD | Value

      Resolution time (hours) | Value



      Each cell of the 2column should have its own expression (made of 'Set Analysis').

      For the moment, I import the definition of my statistics, coming from an Excel file. And with a macro, I would like to process the 2nd expression which contains the expression (in text) in order to retrieve the real value

      I wanted to used a TableBox with the method SetInputFieldCell, but it does not seem to accept expression.

      Another idea, would be to process the expression within the macro, and paste the value inside the TableBox (But i think it is not that clean)

      Any better idea?