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    Script for a dashboard with history log

    Martijn Noorda

      Hello Qlikviewers,


      I have a script that loads an extract of active trades and 6 reports with reporting feedback regarding those trades. The script works fine and gives me the information that I need for my dashboard, although there may be ways to make the load script more efficient.


      Now that I have a dashboard that works, I would like to extend the dashboard to a dashboard that also displays the historic data. Currently, the script loads the most recent files, resulting in an overview of the current status of the trades. However, now I want to graph historic data, displaying the development of certain trade characteristics over time. That means I would want to load the oldest files, until the newest files. The data can be displayed in one table, but then each load should have a report date time stamp, so that I can distinguish between reporting dates. I think I would need to write a loop to do such a thing, but I am not sure where to start.


      I can upload my script if necessary but it is quite long, so perhaps it is easier to explain the concept of my script by summary:


      load filedates //loading all filedates from the filenames on the server


      //select the most recent filedate for which all files are available


      incremental load:


      load *


      from $(vFile)


      I do this for all files, and join them to make one large table that displays data from all reports for each position


      Now I have one table that displays all the data for the latest report date.


      Now I would have to write a loop that runs this script until all files available have been loaded, but for every date for which the script has loaded the data, it should also include a timestamp so that I can distinguish between current data and historic data.


      I hope the concept is clear enough, I could do with just a little help of how I should get started on a loop that would serve my purpose.


      Thanks in advance for any help.