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    Possible to have conditional expressions when two dimensions match

      Hi all,

      I'm a newbie with qlik so bare with me...


      Is it possible to have a conditional expression when two dimensions match?  I have the following table


      Fruit       Name                 Fav. Apple          cost


      Apple     Fiji                      Gala                   $1

      Apple     Gala                   Gala                   $3

      Apple     Granny Smith     Gala                   $5

      Apple     Red Delicious     Gala                   $2


      So in my case I want to only show the sum of the cost when [Fav. Apple] = [Name], or in this case Gala=Gala.

      Obviously the data is oversimplified, but is this possible?


      I have tried:

      if(wildmatch([Name],[Fav. Apple]), sum(cost), "False")