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    Listbox in default state to constrain selections of listboxes in 3 alternate states

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I have these listboxes.  I will want to make selections in all of them.


      Default State dimensions - Client, Relation  -  I want them to affect default state and alternate states 1 to 3

      State 1 dimensions - Assessment Status, Assessment Date - I want these to only affect state 1 list boxes

      State 2 dimensions - Screening Status, Screening Source, Screening Date - I want these to only affect state 2 list boxes

      State 3 dimensions - Incentive Season, Incentive Name  - I want these to only affect state 3 list boxes


      The key field between these is UserId- so in normal circumstances if you select a client name, the other boxes drop to dates and values that are present for users associated with that client.  I have the client listbox locked to always only one value selected for other business reasons, but when I put the other listboxes into alternate states, they boomed out to lists of dates and names for all clients. I'd like to reign the alternate state list boxes back in by the client selection in the default state without letting the other states' fields affect them.


      My present workaround is to add a client and relation listbox to each of the three alternate states.  This is reasonably manageable with container objects for the selections made in each state, but hoping I can trim it back as much as possible.  Esp since I do need to make a little current selections box for each of the states...  (Sorry, I feel like I'm on a ten-dimensional data model now to meet a requirement for people to ask everything at once and get every answer at once. )


      Thanks in advance!