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    What naming conventions do you use for Security and Folders?

    Phillip Putzback

      I am wondering what naming conventions or best practices people use for naming QV related objects.



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      • We are using QDF and the Container Folder Name becomes the name of the mounted folder. E.g., if my Container is named 6.DataGovernance, then my UserDocs folder is UserDocs\6.DataGovernance

      Source Document Distribution Recipients are Active Directory Roles (My nightmare):

      • Reporting - {Folder Name} - Readers RESOURCES
        • so, if I have five applications going to a mount "Data Governance" then my AD role is "Reporting - Data Governance - Readers RESOURCES". Then for that role their is a member role added named "Reporting - Data Governance - Readers USERS" which either has individual Users added as members or, preferably the role that person belongs to, e.g., Finance Analyst. That way if the user leaves\moves, their replacement gets access via that role.


      FYI, I work for a hospital so form what I have seen as far as reporting is that a loft of reports are based on the application data, not necessarily departments, which all examples seem to be based on.