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    Which place makes more sense for applying security, Publisher via recipients, or, Windows folder security.

    Phillip Putzback

      If I have five reports that run to one mounted folder it seems like it would be quicker to manage folder security and add one AD role than to go to each report, add the new recipient, and then I think you have to run the publishing task to update the security on the folder. I took the publishing course a few months ago and they really don't cover this topic since the screenshots look like setting recipients wasn't available. What I read was, to give Fred and Bob access to develop their app you needed to give the rights to the folder via windows. I don't get why the publisher guide was covering what looked like granting access to developers for read\write and access to be able to see the doc at the access point. Nowhere did it cover steps on distributing to the mounted folder and setting the recipients.

      FYI, my training manual was for Server Publisher 11.2/