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    Displaying data for certain groups

    Thomas Burnson

      Hi all, I'm fairly new to Qlikview and learning my way around.


      I'm looking to display the amount of time a certain group takes to process a request.

      I have:

      1.A create date

      2.A create time

      3.A complete date

      4.A complete time

      5.The difference between the end and start date using this formula:

           LOAD *,Interval(([Complete Date]-[Create Date])+([Complete Time] - [Create Time]),'D hh:mm') as Diff;


      Each create and completed date are associated with a certain group or approver.

      I am looking to display all the requests and the average amount of time of each group/person associated with requests.

      Also how much time on average that the entire list of people are taking with requests.


      Can anyone give me any suggestions on expressions for charts to do this?diff.png