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    Problem with Batch File and Reloading the QVW with Post Reload macro

    Muruganantham Sekar

      Dear Friends,

      In my Qv application ,i am using macro for converting the reports in PDF and i triggered the macro to run after Post reload of the application automatically. When i reload the QV application manually which contains the macro for PDF conversion it's working fine and all the PDF reports are getting stored in the mentioned path but when i run the same QV application using the batch file ,the application is reloading without any issues but the batch file is quitting immediately after the appliation gets reloaded so that the macro process for PDF conversion is not completing so that the PDF reports are not generated and stored in the mentioned path...Is there any command or syntax to make the batch file to wail until the macro for PDF gets over ? Can anybody help me to sort out this problem...?


      Muruganantham S

      Qlikview Developer