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    Comparison of Version Control Tools for QlikView

      Hello All,


      I am trying to compare between the available version control tools for QlikView. Have gone through various existing threads on the Qlik Community but not able to get a complete picture for the comparison.


      Hence, guidance in form of correcting/enriching below table will be very much helpful:


      I understand, each individual may have their own preferences (because each would look from different perspectives and experiences), but want to try to collate all perspectives into a single table. Any other suggestions are also welcome.


      Comparison HeadSVNTFSDistributed (Git/Mercurial)
      Change Management FunctionalitiesBasic Version Control

      Overall Lifecycle Management (Version Control + Ticketing + Tracking, etc)

      <More details in terms of what all features it offers would be helpful>

      Version Control
      Server RequiredShared Folder can be made a serverDedicated Servers requiredRepository can even be kept offline or on a Server
      CostsOpen Source - Free?Costly Licenses? <Any more details would be helpful>Open Source - Free?
      Integration with QlikViewSimple, easyEasy
      Efforts for Admin of this repository (Initial setup, ongoing maintainence, etc)
      Topmost Advantage of Going with this tool?
      Topmost Dis-advantage of Going with this tool?
      < Any other points of comparison>




        • Re: Comparison of Version Control Tools for QlikView
          Jeroen Gerritsen

          Hi Vishal,


          If you're looking for a solution that provides Version Control and a lot of other useful feature you might want to check out Platform Manager. Besides integrated version control this product also provides difference analyses, data lineage and promotion capabilities. This makes it a lot easier to work with multiple developers and see what your colleagues are doing. Here's a small screenshot of the differences that you can use to determine what needs to be tested for instance:

          If you have a small team and not too many changes in a year the generic version control solutions might provide enough features to keep you going. But if your number of QlikView or Qlik Sense apps is growing and you have multiple developers the benefits of Platform Manager will be tremendous resulting in structure, control and increase of your development speed.


          Hope this helps.




          • Re: Comparison of Version Control Tools for QlikView
            Thomas Nicolas

            We just bought a new tool called WIP from ebiexperts that is doing amazing things for us.QlikSense and View Source control, deployment, impact analysis, complexity analysis and collaboration all in one tool.

            We finish with the hassle of deploying apps


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