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    Comparison of Version Control Tools for QlikView

    Vishal Hinduja

      Hello All,


      I am trying to compare between the available version control tools for QlikView. Have gone through various existing threads on the Qlik Community but not able to get a complete picture for the comparison.


      Hence, guidance in form of correcting/enriching below table will be very much helpful:


      I understand, each individual may have their own preferences (because each would look from different perspectives and experiences), but want to try to collate all perspectives into a single table. Any other suggestions are also welcome.


      Comparison HeadSVNTFSDistributed (Git/Mercurial)
      Change Management FunctionalitiesBasic Version Control

      Overall Lifecycle Management (Version Control + Ticketing + Tracking, etc)

      <More details in terms of what all features it offers would be helpful>

      Version Control
      Server RequiredShared Folder can be made a serverDedicated Servers requiredRepository can even be kept offline or on a Server
      CostsOpen Source - Free?Costly Licenses? <Any more details would be helpful>Open Source - Free?
      Integration with QlikViewSimple, easyEasy
      Efforts for Admin of this repository (Initial setup, ongoing maintainence, etc)
      Topmost Advantage of Going with this tool?
      Topmost Dis-advantage of Going with this tool?
      < Any other points of comparison>