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    Trouble with ColorMix1() in Bar Chart colors

    Mike Hernandez

      I'm trying to use a bar chart to show how blog posts per category were published, and what the relative views per post value is. From the Colormix Wizard and some tutorials I have the following expression set up.


      ColorMix1 (

      (Sum (#pageviews)/Count ({$<_published = {1}>} DISTINCT post_title))

      /(RangeMax (top(total Sum (#pageviews)/Count ({$<_published = {1}>} DISTINCT post_title),1,NoOfRows(total))))

      , Red(), Green())


      I've used this on both the text color and the bar color. It is working perfect for the text color, but in the bar color a 1 is returned for all rows, making everything solid green. Any suggestions?