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    Remove data more than upper control limit (average+Stdev) in load script

      I want to remove data that is more than average + standard deviation in load script:


      These are the solutions that I tried:


      if(round([Run time]-[collection Time]) <= avg(round([Run time]-[collection time])+Stdev(round([Run time]-[collection time]))),round(([Run time]-collection time])*24*60),) as AB

      Load Error that I get: nested aggregation


      Solution 2:

      Stdev([Run time]-[Collection time] as std,

      avg([Run time]-[Collection time] ) as avg.

      ....Then use these 2 in my chart expression

      Load Error: expression not valid


      Solution 3: I was thinking to define a variable in load and use variables instead of [Run time]-[Collection time]

      But I am not sure of this neither. Does any have any ideas about nested aggregation and how it can be resolved?



      **I also used set analysis for this , but since I am using an expression in my set it does not show any valid chart.