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    Stream in QlikSense!!!!

    abhay singh

      Hi Everyone..


      I have One query related to Stream..By default there is a stream available Called Administrator and Everyone which are visible to all..


      Now i want to ask, i have created one Stream with user1 and m trying to see that stream with user2 but it is not visible to me..


      1: how i can see Stream with user2??

      2: Suppose i have 10 users to login and 2 application deployed in everyone stream.. One is For Finance and second is for Sales. Now out of 10 user Five Belongs to Finance and other Five belongs to Sales, i want for Finance users will able to see Finance application only and sales users will able to sales application only..Please let me know is it possible if yes than how?


      Thanks in Advance..

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          Rod Stewart

          Hi Abhay,


          Access to see streams is controlled by security rules. If you go into Streams in QMC, select the stream of interest and click on "edit" you will see "Security rules" listed under "Associated items" on the right hand side of the page. Clicking on that will give you visibility of the existing rules determining access to the stream. You will need to either modify an existing rule or create a new one to allow access to you Stream for user2.


          With respect to your other questions, one solution would be to create two new streams, "Finance" and "Sales". You would then need to create appropriate rules to determine who can access each stream and the apps within it. It is also possible to create rules for specific apps and control access that way, it is up to you what is best in your situation. There is a wizard for creating rules and lots of instructions included in the Help site.


          There's also an excellent video on streams that may you may find useful located in the resource section of this site here: New to Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Videos





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            Rod Stewart

            Hi Abhay,


            You probably need to create a new security rule. For example, if you stream is called "Test", in the QMC navigate to Streams and then select the "Test" stream and click the Edit button. Then as I described above you can access the related security rules. You should also see a button to "Create associated rule", if you click on that the rule wizard will appear and you can enter something like this:


            security rule.PNG

            In the example I've included "user2" will now have access to the stream "Test". If you wanted all users to have access to the stream you could change the "=" to "Like" and the value to *, the rules can be constructed in a very flexible fashion.