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    Modifying the definition.xml-file has no effect until a approximate delay of 24-48 hours



      After an extension object is installed and accessed by any sheet, modifying the definition.xml-file has no effect.


      You can make changes, but the number of dimensions, expressions and parameters remains the same.


      Sometimes the changes took effect approximately 24-48 later.


      Waiting so long is no option so my workaround was to copy the folder of the extension object and give it another name. Of course I have to change the name of the extension in the Script.js-file too (the first parameter of the Qva.AddExtension function). But after that it is very tedious to remove all the extension objects of the older version and replace them by the new one.


      I didn't find any option in the QMC to clear this "cache" or to modify the timeout.