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    Using my own licence at a client site

      I've been pondering getting a Qv licence for my own use (mostly so I can open files I find on the forum), it's been a while since I've used Qv, but now I'm at a client who has it again my interest is re-awakened


      Unfortunately I'm not in the "correct" department as regards being assigned a Development licence (I'm told there are none spare anyway) and the department I'm in don't realise the benefits of using Qv to pull together & manipulate scrappy data from disparate sources over, say, Excel VBA (10 points to anyone who can guess what kind of organisation my client is!)


      I'm wondering if I could register my own licence (if I purchase one) on the client's server and then "de-register" when I move on? I'd be amazed if I could use the same licence concurrently at the client site & home, but could probably get a VPN connection while I'm working for them.

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          Giuseppe Novello



          You are allow to use the license on one machine, if you use it on multiple machine at the time:

          1- You'll the the error that license is not valid ( like MS when it tells you license is not "Genuine")

          2- You'll be violating the Qlik License agreement.


          Now, you may un-register the license and move it along to different machine once you finish working with that client. You just open Qlikview> settings> user preferences > license > "clear license information".

          Once its clear you can take it and place it on another machine, but again 1 license : 1 machine.


          I would guess the client is a bank institution?