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    nPrinting on Access Point

    David Whelton

      Hey guys,


      This is more of a 'Can This be Done?'


      I have an app on a server and can be seen on Access Point. On another server, I have nPrinting running.

      So ...I added a button to my app to call nPrinting on the nPrinting server.


      Now I load the application on Access Point with the button visible.

      Is there any way that once this button is selected, it calls nPrinting to do its magic and run the task to create a report?


      I cant host the app on the nPrinting server as a result of RAM/performance/memory.

      The nPrinting will launch a job also.



      \\server\d$\Nprinting Apps\Job\BatJob\SD_Job.bat which will launch


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\NPrinting\Client\Nprinting.exe" /NprintingFile "D:\Nprinting Apps\Report\Report.nsq" /Job "Service Desk"