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    Expression for Hide Listbox in Complex Sintax and Scenario

    Alessandro Marletti

      Hi All.

      Need to solve a complex (for me) request.

      The point is to hide/show a listbox when selection in another listbox is made.


      Here some important premises:


      Listbox is

      - already bonded to a variable for hide/show; (need to be shown only if specified filters is on, linked to a variable -1,0)

      - contains some rules for being filled when true condition in other fields are settled; (it works only if father level is enhanced - and no data                                                                              are displayed if father level is selected but not contains any child info to be selected);



      What I tryout (with no succes):

      (in Listbox Properties, Layout tab, Show Condionatal field)  vVariable = 0 and FatherLevel1<>''        but is not working at all.


      Then I've tryed more different expression even in different fields:



      .=If( (GetActiveSheetId()='Document\SH01' or GetActiveSheetId()='Document\SH02' or GetActiveSheetId()='Document\SH03') and vVariable=0, if(FatherLevel<>null(),ChildLevel,null() ,ChildLevel)

      But no way to let it work.

      Scenario becomes more complex when I also need to change some data whom could generate a different situation;

      For instance, FatherLevel contains different information and ChildLevel undergo to new totally different data.

      This cannot allow me to set in the expression specified value to limit or to set an easy way to perform the hiding.


      Any suggestion?


      Thank you!