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    Deployment from one server to another

    Muthu Kumar



      We had 2 servers server1 and server 2.

      In server1 we haive installed all the 5 services and we are using DMS authentication to give access.

      In server2 we are using as cluster mode.


      Now recently we have splitted the distribution and management service from server1 to server2 and cluster mode remains same.


      So now in server 1 we have QVS,Directory service connector and Webserver.

      In server 2 we have qlikview server(Cluster) Distribution service and Management service.


      Before when we services were in one server the authentication method was we used to publish the documents from source documets and then go to user documents and give access in Authorization tab.


      Now after splitting the services we are pulishing from the source documents of server2 to the user documents of server1, The applications is distributing fine but the access are getting revoked for the users added in the Authorization tab.


      Please help me in this