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    Setting chart colours from field values

    John Griggs

      Hi All,


      I have a field - [Response/result] that contains either 'Green', 'Amber', 'Red' or 'None'.


      I want to be able to have my charts render red, amber or green based on this field.


      We've created a new field in the extract that calculates the individual RGB numbers:


      ,IF([Response/result] = 'Green', 173, IF([Response/result] = 'Amber', 255,IF([Response/result] = 'Red', 255, 255))) AS [PQIColour_Red]
      IF([Response/result] = 'Green', 214, IF([Response/result] = 'Amber', 128,IF([Response/result] = 'Red', 0, 255))) AS [PQIColour_Green]
      IF([Response/result] = 'Green', 44, IF([Response/result] = 'Amber', 0,IF([Response/result] = 'Red', 0, 255))) AS [PQIColour_Blue]


      We've then attempted to use this in the colours of a chart using the following expression:




      But this returns Black - we're assuming it's being evaluated at RGB(0,0,0)


      We've create a list box with the same expression and it is showing as we'd expect - i.e. only four values:







      Any ideas?