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    How to Load/Select B.data where (B.ID Like (*IN(A.ID field)*))

      I'm fairly new to Qlikview.

      I have a data table of ID's, and I need to SQL load another table, but only the rows where the ID is LIKE any of the ID's IN table A's ID field..

      Ideally it would look something like this:



      Load Project, ID

      from some_table



      SQL Select * from database_table_b where (id LIKE('%' & IN Table_A(ID)  & '%'))


      I don't know if I can somehow combine the LIKE and IN. I have looked at wildmatch but it doesn't seem like what I need. Also, can I even send SQL statements related to local tables, or do I have to pull the whole table and then do the comparison locally into a new table, and then drop the huge table? (The database is managed using SQL server 2012)