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    Customizable straight_table

    Friedrich Hofmann



      in a new app of mine I have a straight_table that is supposed to be highly customizable.

      - Every field in there makes sense only under specific circumstances. Otherwise, it would show a NULL value
         => Thus I have put that condition in a variable, that is my first condition for every field

      - The second condition is a selection by the user - I have a customized listbox (based on an Inline table with the names of all the
          fields), that listbox governs a set of variables and that variable (there is one for every field) also governs whether a field should
          be displayed or not.

      => Thus I have two conditions attached to every single field.


      Now, the performance of this whole thing is of course an issue.

      => Thus my question: Where should I best put these two conditions:

           - directly in every formula


           - in the edit_field on the "formulas" tab


           - on the "presentation" tab?


      I guess the last one would not be ideal for that would define only whether or not to show a field, it would be calculated all the same - but it's nearly all native fields from the underlying table, there's not much to calculate, so it wouldn't really make a difference ...


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,