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    Qlikview nPrinting Designer license

    David Whelton

      Hi Guys,


      I am launching Qlikview nPrinting (which is hosted on Server A) from Server B (which I am also trying to launch on Access Point).

      I have followed instructions on launching an external request and when I click the nPrinting button on the app on Server B, it calls the nPrinting Job but then asks for the nPrinting License and Control Number for nPrinting Designer.


      The External Request How to Execute NPrinting Reports by External XML Request – Customer Feedback for Vizubi told me to install the Designer on this server.


      As mentioned earlier, I have nPrinting (Server and Designer) installed and license activated (before I came on board). I have the license details but I am not sure which one is which as there are a few lines of text in this license


      I am assuming the license key is the XXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX

      and the control number is the 16 digit number?


      I have something about product level?????


      As I have this installed nPrinting Designer on the nPrinting Server, does that mean I cannot use the license key again on the application /production server?