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    Qlikview desktop does not recognise named cal licence

    Elaine A

      Hi there,


      Has anyone come across a situation where QV server is no longer allocating the named cals to the users when running QV desktop Edition?


      I have specifically added my AD account and 2 others. Named CALS are allocated based on user name. 

      Named Cals are not dynamically allocated nor leased out at the moment.  Anonymous logins are also blocked.


      Until last week, I could update any of my QVW's without any issues.  I'd noticed today,

      1. The QV title bar says Qlikview x64 Personal Edition

      2. With one of my QVW's on my machine, I had a prj folder linked to it.  Whenever I tried to open the QVW, I got this error:  After removing the PRJ folder (from of the forum discussions), I could get into my QVW again.

      QV Error.jpg

      3. When I look at the named cal licences on the management console, I can see our AD accounts listed.  It is also showing the last used date times correctly. 


      4. From what I can tell, the .pgo files are still accessible (i.e. not moved by AV).


      I'm hoping not to have to remote these PGO files and start again.. Would appreciate any feedback.