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    Need help on Call parameter on QMC

    john lewis

      I have 5 tables in my extract.qvw  file, out of this 2 tables are from database1 (DB1)to be scheduled at 8:00 AM and remaining tables are from database1 (DB2) to scheduled at 9:00AM

      I came to know that this can be done through QMC by passing parameter name and parameter value in Reload Tab , so here there will be two tasks where one should run at 8 Am and other at 9 AM

      pls help



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          Peter Cammaert

          You'll need a Publisher for that.


          See QMC->Source Documents->Select document->Task->Reload->Script Parameters. Enter a variable name in the top input box and a value that controls which QVDs will be stored by your document in the lower one.


          Note that the variable must exist before script execution is started. Create the variable in the Variable overview instead of in your script. If you manipulate your variable in your script with LET/SET v=value, then you'll always loose the passed value.


          QMC Help contains more information on how to set this up and how to pass multiple values (for example to create multiple end-user documents)



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            Gabriel Oluwaseye



            What I will do in this case is to split my script into 2 part using variable (i.e. vReloadTime) See below for example. Still pass the variable into QMC  i.e.  QMC->Source Documents->Select document->Task->Reload->Script Parameters.

            Set up two task 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM using same qvw file.



            Like this.

            IF vReloadTime = 0 THEN

                 //Reload 8:00 AM script




            FROM DB1;

            STORE tb1 INTO \\..........;



                 //Reload 9:00 AM script




            FROM DB2;


            STORE tb2 INTO \\.......;



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              john lewis

              Thanks Gabriel, not sure whether I'm asking  the right question or not, what if 8:00 AM job gets failed,and then I run it manually, how does this gets executed.