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    Variable syntax SUM()

    Chris Villa

      Hi all, looking for ways to optimize a scrip, eh I met with a scenario that is not how to solve, QlikView can do the following:

      I have



      LOAD * INLINE [

           _repMetricaNo, _METRICA

           1, Amount Awarded

           2, Turned Amount

           3, Balance Capital

           4, Pending Interest

           5, Flat Pending

           6, Pending Debtor Insurance

           7, Total Amount Amortized

           8, Total Amount Cancelled

           9, Cancelled Amount Capital

           a, Credit Interest

           b, Flat Amount

           c, Debtor Amount

           d, Number of Credits

           e, Nro Associates




      Each also is the name of a field in the fact table


      vMetrica = _METRICA


      Normal Form:

      (Sum ({$ <$ (vSetMTD)>} [AMOUNT AWARDED])


      Sought form:

      (Sum ({$ <$ (vSetMTD)>} $ (vMetrica))


      What I wish is that [amount awarded], function as a variable as to choose from a list I dynamically change the amount according to the value of vMetrica


      That way you can make?