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    QRS API - Filtering



      I'd like to get all the sheets that an application has. There's a QRS API that lists all the object matching a filtering criteria: GET /qrs/app/object/count?filter={filter}. Without the filter it returns a json of the object that has "app" property

      Is it possible to construct a filter that will return all the objects based on app id?


      Sample json structure of the App Object:



              "id": "021f12d4-95e0-434c-aa36-70e51b295db7",

              "createdDate": "2015-06-23T22:20:02.395Z",

              "modifiedDate": "2015-06-23T22:20:02.823Z",

              "modifiedByUserName": "AD\\user1",

              "owner": {

                  "id": "78d34965-320b-45fc-95b7-1d93d3ae5463",

                  "userId": "user1",

                  "userDirectory": "AD",

                  "name": "user1",

                  "privileges": null


              "engineObjectType": "",

              "attributes": "eyJUeXBlIjoiR2VuZXJpY0FwcE9iamVjdEVudHJ5IiwiVGl0bGUiOiIiLCJQYXJlbnRJZCI6ImpVcWhKeCIsIklzVGVtcG9yYXJ5IjpmYWxzZSwiQ29udGVudEhhc2giOiJyanZxVDZKUk9hRElhZzdsb2l6R3pER1AvbjI4OXg0VVh0eVM1aGd1bHFnPSJ9",

              "objectType": "sheet",

              "publishTime": "2015-06-23T22:20:02.818Z",

              "published": true,

              "approved": true,

              "tags": [],

              "sourceObject": "",

              "draftObject": "",

              "name": "Sheet2",

              "engineObjectId": "jUqhJx",

              "app": {

                  "id": "2a4366b0-3efa-4385-afd5-65dda89aa997",

                  "name": "1435098002119",

                  "appId": "",

                  "publishTime": "2015-06-23T22:20:02.818Z",

                  "published": true,

                  "stream": {

                      "id": "7814cf13-ac88-404d-b516-09fbddd66b73",

                      "name": "stream1",

                      "privileges": null


                  "privileges": null


              "contentHash": "O[/K`EI2F$I)LG$F,+,'TR-0[@@]?P(5/&X3;/'O9*K",

              "size": -1,

              "privileges": null,

              "schemaPath": "App.Object"