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    Loading QVD

      Relatively speaking I am a newbie that only gets to dabble in QlikView in my spare time, so I have a fairly basic question regarding QVD files. 


      I have a QVW file that loads its data from a XLS worksheet, and it is configured to automatically refresh once per day.  I am needing to implement incremental loads and would like the data to be stored in a QVD file.  Seems pretty straight-forward; however, I read somewhere that you should load the QVD file separately and then load the data from the QVD file via script within my QVW.


      So to support what I am trying to accomplish is the following the correct method for implementing this:


      1. Create new QVW that contains script logic to load/incrementally load data into a QVD.

      2. Configure this QVW to automatically refresh daily.

      3. Modify my existing QVW to no longer load from the XLS file, rather load its data from the QVD.

      4. Configure this QVW to automatically refresh daily (after the QVD is refreshed).  Or should this just be set to automatically refreshed each time it is opened.