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    QlikSense 2 slow on my Win 8.1 PC

    Paul Scotchford

      Hi All,


      Has anyone played with QlikSense 2 Desktop yet ?


      I just installed it on my PC, Config is Win 8.1 , 16Gb HighSpec Mem , Intel i7 , just watching perfmon, nothing notable in the usage i.e. No CPU spikes or hi mem use. Same with Disk io queue , normal (I am running a SSD as my C: drive).


      Try creating an App, then load some data, select model viewer and it just waits and waits and waits, then I quit waiting after a minute or two.


      Then try to open my simple app, again just hangs there with the raindrops displaying.


      Anyway, keen to hear if anyone else has issues yet.





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          Paul Scotchford

          Hi again


          Well it turns out if you have ESET Smart Security (Anti Virus) installed then you need to open it up and navigate to the Web and Email Advanced Setup and check QlikSense in the "Applications excluded from protocol filtering" .


          I got caught by this before and clearly I forgot.


          If anyone else running ESET Smart Security and experiences the same symptoms this is the fix.



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            Michael Zaslavsky

            I have an old PC running Windows 8.1 with well-below recommended specs (so slowness is expected) but I've noticed that accessing Qlik Sense Desktop is all-around much faster via a browser (tested extensively in Chrome) than through the application. I haven't investigated security settings but my Windows 8 setup has no third-party security applications installed.