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    ComboChart - multi dimention accumulation


      I'am Mahmud from Indonesia, but now i working for Japan company.

      I have task to make visualization, but unformtunatelly when i try, i have a problem (because poor knowledge),

      I can't  visualize line accumulation chart, event with simple data likes below example

      Date     Dealer Name     SalesQty

      1 jan 2015; Delaler01; 100

      1 Jan 2015; Dealer02; 110

      1 jan 2015; Dealer03; 89

      2 jan 2015; Dealer01; 110

      2 jan 2015; Dealer02; 115

      2 jan 2015; Dealer03; 114


      my expectation is line chart should be looks like liniear (not zigzag)


      I'm very appreciate for someone to help me,


      Thank you