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    Doing calculations between values in different tables in the Script

      Hi All!


      I live in South Africa and I am new to Qlikview and I am learning to master the script language.


      My Problem: I have invoice line items and also invoice data in two differing tables connected by an invoice reference number. Some of the invoices are credit notes, however and I would like to transform the values from the invoices to be subtracted in the script (IF-statement) when a field in the invoice line items table indicates that it is a credit note.


      The tables look like this:


      //Invoice Line Items Table

      [INV LITEMS]:


      if([DOC TYPE] = 'CRN', InvHistLineTotal * -1, InvHistLineTotal) as [LINE TOTAL],  

      if([DOC TYPE] = 'CRN', InvHistLineAmt * -1, InvHistLineAmt) as [LINE AMOUNT],

      if([DOC TYPE] = 'CRN', InvHistLineVatAmt * -1, InvHistLineVatAmt) as [LINE VAT AMOUNT],

                                    //-> I would to do the same calculation for the invoice table below, but [DOC TYPE] is in another table





          InvHistLineDiscount as [LINE DISCOUNT],

          InvHistLineDocLine as [INVOICE LINE NO],

          InvHistLineDocRef as [INVOICE REF],

          InvHistLineDocType as [DOC TYPE],     //-> this is where the INV or CRN indicator is located

          InvHistLinePart as [PART ID],

          InvHistLineQtySuppl as [QTY SUPPLIED],   

          InvHistLineUnitPrice as [UNIT PRICE],



      FROM InvHistLine;


      //Invoice Table



          year(InvHistHdrDT) as YEAR,

        if(month(InvHistHdrDT) < 6


        ,year(InvHistHdrDT) + 1) as [FIN YEAR],

        if(month(InvHistHdrDT) < 6

        ,month(InvHistHdrDT) + 7

        ,month(InvHistHdrDT) - 5) as [PERIOD],


        ,year(InvHistHdrDT)*12+month(InvHistHdrDT)) as YM,

        month(InvHistHdrDT) as MONTH,

        weekname(InvHistHdrDT) as WEEK,

        WeekDay(InvHistHdrDT) as DOW,

        day(InvHistHdrDT) as DAY,    

        mid(date(InvHistHdrDT),6,2) as MOY,





          InvHistHdrAcc as [CUSTOMER ID],

          InvHistHdrAccPer as [ACCOUNT PERIOD],

          InvHistHdrBr as [BRANCH ID],

          InvHistHdrDiscount as [INV DISCOUNT AMT],

          InvHistHdrDriver as DRIVER,

          InvHistHdrDriverBr as [DRIVER BRANCH],


          InvHistHdrFaNo as [FA NO],

          InvHistHdrFleet as [FLEET ID],

          InvHistHdrID as [INVOICE ID],

          InvHistHdrInDT as [IN DATE],

          InvHistHdrInTM as [IN TIME],

          InvHistHdrKmIn as [KM IN],

          InvHistHdrKmOut as [KM OUT],

          InvHistHdrKms as [KMS],

          InvHistHdrKmsIn as [KMS IN],

          InvHistHdrLines as [LINE NO],


          InvHistHdrNoDays as [NO OF DAYS],

          InvHistHdrOrder as [ORDER NO],

          InvHistHdrOutDT as [OUT DATE], 

          InvHistHdrOutTM as [OUT TIME],

          InvHistHdrRANo as [RANO],  

          InvHistHdrRefDoc as [INVOICE REF],

          InvHistHdrRefDT as [REF DATE],

          InvHistHdrRegNo as [REGISTRATION NO],

          InvHistHdrSubhBr as [SUBH BRANCH],  

          InvHistHdrTime as [TIME],   

          InvHistHdrValue as [ORDER VALUE AMT],

          InvHistHdrVehSubh as [VEHICLE SUBH],

          InvHistHdrVatAmt as [ORDER VAT]

      FROM InvHistHdr AS I

      where year(I.InvHistHdrDT) = 2004 OR year(I.InvHistHdrDT) = 2005 OR year(I.InvHistHdrDT) = 2006;


      I was thinking of following this strategy:


      1. Join INVOICES and INV LITEMS and call it: [INV TEMP]

      2. LOAD the new table as a resident load and do the required calculation

      3. Drop the joined table


      Any advice from the good folk in the QV community?


      Regards in advance