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    Master calendar

      Hi all,


      I have created a master calendar for the date field "campaign_start_date". I have used that date field as filter pane.

      In filter pane you can see the dates which is not in order. First it is displaying the date which is in table.

      Then it is displaying the other dates.


      I have attached the sample data please check and help i need the continuous dates from min date to max date.



      As i am using this field to filter the data according to dates or to select data between two dates.

      Is their any other date picker object is present to pick the dates?




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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Pramod,


          I looked over the calendar, it seems correct. One thing I noticed is that you are loading from resident campaignmetrics, in your script - but I don't see the table tag campaignmetrics: entered before your data load, which makes me believe you are not getting the actual or newly created date and it shows the original date field:


          try this and reload.







          LOAD `batch_meta_data_id`,


              date(floor(campaign_start_date),'MM-DD-YYYY') as campaign_start_date,

              date(floor(campaign_end_date),'MM-DD-YYYY') as campaign_end_date,




          SQL SELECT `batch_meta_data_id`,







          FROM rcdbrpt.campaignmetrics;


          I also attached my example - that does have the missing dates.


          Understanding the Master Calendar (video)


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          Mike Tarallo