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    Security Layer for anonymisation

      Hello together,


      in my company we are working with a lot of QV Cubes to do all kinds of reportings. Due to new regulations we are supposed to anonymise the lets say "Customer". To just hash the field is not enough, because in some times we need to plausibility check the results and need in those cases the real value again.


      Since collision resolution might interact, it is not recommended to run the hashing within several different scripts. I know. Therefore my idea was to store the hashing-script on that server, so that each input first needs to go through that script, where the hash gets created (if not yet existing), the clearname gets exchanged in the input and the tuple is stored in a map. In special occasions it would now still be possible to plausibility check, under supervision and logged, but normally no one could see that map.


      How can I setup such a script so that it "encrypts" every file e.g. placed in a certain location? How can I protect that map?

      Does anyone have a better idea?


      Thanks in advance and with best regards

      Dominik Hirt