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    Export Data Load Script

    Praveena Velagapudi

      Can we export Data load script in QlikSense?

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          Steve Dark

          Hi Praveena,


          Did you find a way to do this in the end?



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            Mark James

            Hello Praveena,


            This may not be directly what you need but the scripts which are executed are actually logged in the following location:




            This will give you a text log format of the script itself.


            Please mark this answer as helpful and correct if this helps.





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              Granger Godbold

              No, there still isn't a way from QlikSense.


              But there is a work around that will be very helpful as your number of Apps increases. If you don't put the load scripts into QlikSense, you don't need to export/import them. Instead, you make your scripts available through a Folder data connection (e.g. SharedLoadScripts). Then, in the App's load script, use Must_Include to pull in the script(s) you need for that App. E.g. $(Must_Include='LIB://SharedLoadScripts/some-script.qvs');   I'm presently refactoring all of my Apps to use this approach.



              • Keep scripts (.qvs) in version control. (And Notepad++ has decent syntax-highlighting thanks to Matt Fryer)
              • Update App load scripts without logging into QlikSense.
              • Share generic script-sections between multiple Apps.
              • Update multiple App load scripts quickly (1 script-section shared between 20 Apps? 1 file needs to be updated, not 20 Apps).
              • Reduce maintenance-related bugs/errors due to having to copy/paste script updates across multiple Apps.
              • Syntax errors in included script files still provide good context in the error message.
              • You can nest includes! Your load script in QlikSense can simply include a single file, and then that file could have all the includes to pull in the actual load script sections you want to use for the App.



              • Testing cannot be done outside of QlikSense, so more complex scripts can require more complicated setup to test. E.g. if you're working on 1 section of a 20-section script, you'll want that 1 script directly in the load script editor so you can play in the debugger.
              • Syntax errors in scripts can't be fixed within QlikSense.
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                Michele De Nardi

                You can use ExportScript extension to export and import your QlikSense load  script.