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    NPrinting conditional row based export

    Patrick Roser

      Hi there!


      I hope my concern is in place in the community. I had a look at vizubis community and couldn't find a Q&A part in the community.


      I just had a meeting concerning NPrinting. The client hat a question concerning the conditions.


      Unfortunately I didn't find anything about this topic, so I thought I'd ask in the community.

      In case there already are posts concerning this topic, but I didn't find them, I'm sorry for bothering.


      Let's assume we've got the following Chart in QlikView:


      ClientOrdermarginal return in %
      Client A112545


      Client A12451315
      Client B123465-7
      Client C1245795
      Client D649745-12


      Is there a chance to create a report containing just the rows with a negative marginal return?


      My other question ist about zero values in rows.

      Let's assume we've got the following Chart in QlikView:


      ClientArticleAmount 2015Amount 2014Value 2015Value 2014
      Client A45451217100120
      Client A7845010050
      Client B12457154590
      Client C154610154560
      Client D7845045090
      Client E8789013047


      Exporting this Chart with NPrinting, but just displayin the current year ends up in some zero values in this report:


      ClientArticleAmount 2015Value 2015
      Client A454512100
      Client A784500
      Client B1245745
      Client C15461045
      Client D784500
      Client E878900


      Is there a chance exporting this chart via NPrinting dissregarding rows with zero values after not displaying all columns?


      Thanks in advance!