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    Cant connect to Datamarket

    Brian Dunphy



      I get a spinning wheel when i try to connect to datamarket from Sense. Is there anything additional i need to setup to allow access?


      We use webmarshalling software so could potentially be blocked ?



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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Brian,


          Yes that could be the case, it requires internet access.


          Let me get in touch with our products team and find out more technical detail on this.


          I will update you shortly.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Hjalmar Gislason

            While it should in fact come up with a "graceful" error message if it can't connect to the server instead of an endless spinner, it's still a good assumption that this is because of your marshalled internet access. If you have ways or can ask your admin to white-list domains, the domain Qlik DataMarket uses is: datamarket-api.qlik.com


            I hope this helps.