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    QMC Trigger

    Logesh Jayaraman

      In QMC there is an option to configure the trigger  "On multiple events completed".


      Is it possible to trigger a QVW file to run only specific part of the Load script on the task it is triggered.


      For example


        I have a Test.qvw file with scripts


              (Section a) Load data from QVD-1 and apply the business Logic.Export to csv,

              (section b) Load data from QVD-2 and apply the business Logic.Export to csv,

      QVD-1 and QVD-2 will be coming from a different sources, used in different dashboard and refreshed at different time frame.

      Need to configure the trigger as On Success of Task-1 run the Test.QVW file (only the section a Load script).And On Success of Task-2 run the Test.QVW file (only the section b Load script).

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          Massimo Grossi

          do you want to start the task when Task1 and  Task2 are completed?


          when Task1 or Task2?




          from the help, multiple events seems for and condition

          On Multiple Events Completed

          When the On Multiple Events Completed trigger type was chosen, the trigger can be configured to start the current task when other tasks have all been completed in their execution within a certain time. The following configuration options are available:

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            Peter Cammaert

            For this you'll need a publisher.


            • Organize your script in such a way that it uses the value of a variable to decide on which part of the script to execute. A simple IF-THEN-ELSE will do just fine. The value of this variable will be set by the Distribution Service, so you cannot set/define it in your script. Create this variable in the Variable Overview.


            • Now define two additional tasks for the same QVW, one triggered bythe completion of task 1 and another triggered by the completion of task 2.


            • In each task, goto Reload->Script Parameters, enter the variable name in the top field, and the correct value that executes a specific part of the script in the other field.


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