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    How to use not match when it is a many to many relationship

    Lisa Clifton

      I have a functioning list box that displays all personnel who have "Qualification A" using this expression:


           If(match(CertTypeRequired, CertTypeName), FULLNAME)



      I'd like a list box displaying the personnel who do not have "Qualification A".  I tried:


           If(not match(CertTypeRequired, CertTypeName), FULLNAME)


      But, since my data set is a many to many relationship, there are many "Qualifications" that do not match other "Qualifications Required".


      Data Example:



      Has:               Is Required to have:

      Qual A            Qual A

      Qual B            Qual Z

      Qual C            Qual H


      The If(match...) statement correctly returns Qual A.  The If(not match...) statement returns all personnel since everyone has a Qual A that does not match Qual Z and Qual H; the Qual B does not match Qual A, Qual Z or Qual H.


      I would like the list box to return anyone that does not have Qual H when Qual H is selected in essence comparing a many to many relationship.


      Anyone have suggestions?





      I am using this in an expression of a list box.  I know this is not a scripting question, but a moderator suggested I post in Scripting so I could have a chance to get better answers!   Thanks Again!!


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